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ODL Energy rated skylight

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Bring sunlight to any room

ODL Tabular skylights are ideal for bringing natural light to small spaces
Each kit includes everything you need for a complete installation,with no framing,drywalling or painting required.

Your Kit Includes:

Patented Solar Lens® Roof Dome

Patented reflex optic technology gathers sunlight—even during low-light hours in the morning, late afternoon, or winter—to maximize light into the tube. The UV-resistant acrylic skylight dome won’t yellow over time.

Leak-proof Roof Flashing

The durable, one-piece seamless roof flashing means no leaking. Choose from composite flashing, seamless aluminum flashing, or formable flashing, depending on roof type and pitch.

Adjustable Skylight Tubes

Each kit includes components for a 48″ installation, from top rim of flashing to ceiling. Two jointed tubes adjust up to a 45° angle and let you work around obstacles. If more length is needed, 20″ and 48″ extension tubes are available.

Mirror Finish Tubes

ODL’s mirror finish skylight tubes optimize light reflected through the tubular shaft while controlling solar heat gain.

Ceiling Trim Ring

Designed for easy installation, the ceiling trim ring’s pre-assembled seals eliminate installation steps and ensure a weathertight fit, minimizing heat loss.

Low Profile Lens Diffuser

The lens diffuser spreads soft, natural light throughout interior spaces.

Consider adding the optional Solar Powered Dimmer and Electric Light Kit to enjoy all the benefits your ODL Tubular Skylight has to offer. Or, take a look at the optional Diffuser styles.

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