Tubular skylights project natural light into your rooms with the use of a tube-shaped skylight design. This structure reflects the pure, natural sunlight through your roof and ceiling into your room interiors. Tubular skylights actually can be customised to bring plenty of healthy light into rooms through ceilings that lack the structure to install traditional skylights.

How Tubular Skylights Work

You may have heard tubular skylights called “sun tunnels.” They are given this name since natural light enters them via their dome-shaped tops. As this light moves through the skylight’s tubing, it typically strikes a series of mirrors that reflect attractive healthy light into your room. Before entering your ceiling, this light strikes a diffuser inside the skylight, spreading evenly throughout your room interior.

Your local skylight suppliers will advise you concerning the ideal skylight designs to align with your home’s interior style. Some of these tubular roof windows are actually quite versatile in design. They can extend from the ceiling on one floor of your home, continuing through your attic and on through your roof.

Other skylight designs are intended for use in rooms that have a short amount of space between the ceiling and the roofing. You want to be sure to select tubular skylights that are best suited to the structure and layout of the rooms in your home.

Outstanding Home Benefits of Tubular Skylights

There are several outstanding benefits to installing tubular skylights in the rooms of your home, including the following:

• Easy Installation.
Tubular skylights offer easy installation. Your skylight supplier and your roofing expert can use a simple process to install these solar tubes in your roof. Tubular skylights are low-key in design and do not detract from your home’s interior decor. There are appealing accessories for these skylights as well like lighting kits and dimmer switches.

• Enhanced Health.
Research scientists have conducted many studies that revealed the health-enhancing effects of natural sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can give you better mental focus, decrease eyestrain and improve your sleep patterns. A daily lifestyle that includes time spent beneath natural sunlight can result in more positive thinking and stronger feelings of well-being.

• Low Maintenance. Tubular skylights require very little maintenance. There is no need to worry about them being damaged by harsh weather or extreme temperatures. These specialised skylights have an outer coating of modified acrylic that is waterproof. This protective layer safeguards them from damage by ultraviolet light, insects or humidity. When installed by experts, these unique skylight designs will not leak during heavy storms or accumulate moisture on the inside that can damage your room and decor.

When you consult our experts at Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, you will obtain top-rated advice and information concerning tubular skylights, how they work and the benefits that they provide for your home and lifestyle. Our experienced team serves clients throughout Melbourne and all surrounding regions. They will guide you in selecting the ideal contemporary tubular skylight designs to greatly enhance the rooms of your home while creating a healthier environment for your entire household.


There are multiple serious risks associated with faulty skylights installation. The first sign of an existing or developing problem with a skylight is often a water leak surrounding it. Yet this leak may be caused by different aspects of the roof window’s installation. You should contact your local skylight and roofing professionals as soon as you detect a leak surrounding or nearby your skylight.

Four Primary Risks of Faulty Skylight Installation

Four major risks of careless or faulty skylight installation include the following:

1. Serious Water Damage to Your Home. Faulty skylight installations can cause major leaks and water damage to your home. These leaks can damage furniture, ruin carpets and upholstery, and eventually dull and warp your beautiful hardwood floors. Serious leaks that are not quickly resolved may cause electrical outages and weaken the walls of your home. Cracked and peeling wall and ceiling paint will most likely result as well.

2. Development of Damaging and Hazardous Mould. A poorly installed skylight may result in the development of mould and mildew on your home’s rafters and struts as well as on the roof truss. The truss may warp, weakening the support of your roofing while mould and mildew spread inside the walls of your rooms.

Both mould and mildew accumulations in your living environment can create health hazards, including serious respiratory problems. These hazards should be professionally eliminated from your home as soon as possible.

3. Damaged Flashing Around a Skylight. Poorly installed and damaged flashing around your skylights is a common cause of water leaks from your roof and ceilings. Flashing is a protective metal layer that is installed around skylights, chimneys and piping vents.

It is intended to keep water from leaking from your roof and into your home around these installations. If this flashing is poorly or incorrectly fitted during the installation process, you will most likely experience water leakage into your room interiors.

4. Partially Obstructed or Blocked Weep Holes. Top-quality modern skylights are designed to include very small weep holes around the exterior edges of the glass. These tiny holes enable the condensation of moisture that collects on the interior glass surfaces to escape into the outdoor air.

This prevents water from dripping into the rooms of your home. An inexperienced skylight installer may leave debris from the installation around your skylight, obstructing these weep holes. This can result in persistent water leaks in your room interiors.

How to Choose a Reliable Professional Skylight Installer

To ensure that you engage the services of a reliable and skilled professional skylight installer, contact a reputable local licensed roofing company. These experts can repair any current water leaks related to your faulty skylight installations.

They can also repair or replace a damaged skylight for you, eliminating any dangerous and unhealthy water leaks. They will correct a faulty skylight installation as well. Expert skylight installers caution against attempting any DIY repairs to your skylights, especially if their installation was poorly performed and faulty.

When you consult our experts at Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, you will obtain excellent information and advice concerning optimal-quality skylight installation services. Our experienced professionals serve clients throughout Melbourne and all surrounding areas.

They will provide the ultimate-quality repair and installation services to ensure that your home skylights are safe, secure and free of any water leaks. They will make certain that you have the full advantages of excellent skylight installations to support your ongoing healthy lifestyle and enjoyment.

The latest models in VELUX Opening Skylight Window designs offer a healthy alternative to standard mechanical ventilation known as the stack effect. The stack effect enables hot, stale air to escape through the open skylight while vitalising fresh air enters your home interiors through open windows and doors.

During the cold months, your rooms will be warmed by bright sunlight shining through your skylights. Throughout the year, you will need very little artificial light in your home during the day in rooms that include stunning and practical skylight installations.

You may also select VELUX Fixed (non-opening) Skylight Windows for installation in your home interiors that currently have good ventilation. Energy-efficient professional design and the use of blinds can prevent exterior heat from entering your rooms through the double-glazed skylight glass.

Basic Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for VELUX Roof Skylight Windows

Your beautiful and efficient VELUX roof windows to the sky can be cleaned and maintained by using the following procedures:

• Maintaining Wood Surfaces. If your VELUX roof skylight windows have natural wood finishes, they were professionally treated and finished during production. You can clean them using general household cleaners suitable for wood.

If your ceiling windows are exposed to excessive heat, glaring sunlight or high humidity, they need to be re-treated every two years or less. If these skylights are well-protected from the elements, they can receive treatments every four years.

To perform basic DIY surface care on the skylights, remove the existing surface varnish or paint and apply new primer. When the primer is dry, add a layer of water-based acrylic varnish or paint. You can also use this process to repair damaged patches of the varnished or painted surfaces.

• Cleaning the Glass. Clean the glass of your skylight window using a clean, soft cloth that is lint-free. Use clear water and a non-abrasive, gentle cleaning agent. If you like, you can substitute chamois leather, a soft sponge or a window squeegee that contains no metal for the soft cloth.

If any ceiling or roof repairs are being made, protect the glass pane or dome of your skylight with plastic sheeting. This can prevent grime, debris or hardening compounds from adhering to the glass.

• Cleaning the Air Filter and Flashing. Before separating the skylight filter from the filter rail, rotate the window completely, securing it well in the position for cleaning. Then remove the filter and clean it with water and a moderate-strength detergent.

At least once every year, clean leaves, twigs and debris from the flashing surrounding the skylight. This helps rain and melting snow to drain away quickly and completely.

• Clearing Condensation. When water condenses on your roof window glazing, ventilate your room more frequently. If it is possible, keep the room temperature at 68 degrees F or higher.

By contacting our experts at Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne, you can obtain basic cleaning and maintenance guidance for your beautiful VELUX Roof Skylight Windows. Our experienced team will ensure that you have full information and advice concerning the best ways to clean and maintain your attractive and practical windows to the sky.

Skylights are wonderful additions to the rooms of your home, filling your living spaces with healthy, energising natural light. These stunning and vitalising windows to the sky also offer quality ventilation for your home while providing significant cost savings on your heating and cooling expenses. Skylights can also make a small room with low ceilings look and feel larger, taller and more open for your enjoyment.

Yet there are multiple major problems that are common occurrences affecting some home skylight installations. For this reason, some architects, builders and contractors advise homeowners against installing skylights due to the problems that may ensue. Although these problems can be addressed and corrected, unless they are resolved soon after they are detected, these issues may be quite costly to repair.

Four Major Skylight Problems that Need Immediate Repairs

Four of the most commonly occurring major problems that can develop concerning skylights that need immediate repairs include the following:

  1. Condensation Issues. In many instances, advanced technology in skylight design has eliminated problems with condensation and water leakage. Yet if you have inferior skylight installations, you may have some water accumulation and leaking issues. To ensure that your roof windows are safely and securely installed by experts, hire professional technicians to secure your stylish and practical skylights in place.
  2. Lack of Insulation. If skylights are installed without enough insulation in the space between the frame of the skylight and the roof opening, damp air can escape from your room and leave moisture on the underside of the flashing. The resulting condensed water can then drip down into your room, creating a damp, clammy atmosphere. This dripping water may damage your furniture and decor. At the same time, it can cause mould, mildew and bacteria to develop.
  3. Ventilation Disruption. If your locale has harsh winter weather, large amounts of ice may form around your skylights when temperatures drop. In addition, if your skylights are not installed properly, ice will form more quickly, causing your roof windows to deteriorate. Unless adequate sealant and superior flashing were used when your skylight was installed, proper airflow through your ceiling window may also be disrupted.
  4. Excessive Light. Some homeowners who have skylights installed in the rooms of their homes complain of too much high-intensity lighting and glare from their roof windows. Since skylights are known to admit more than three times the amount of light that windows admit to a room, this can be a serious and ongoing problem. If you discuss the amount of light that you want to enter your room through the skylight with your technicians, they can determine the best skylight size and design for you before installing your new window to the sky.

By consulting our experts at Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you can receive top-rated advice concerning your skylight installations.

Our experienced team will ensure that your skylights are installed with utmost care and precision to prevent common problems from occurring. Our team will guide you in selecting the ideal skylight sizes and designs to greatly enhance your room interiors while eliminating the development of costly product and installation problems.

Stunning modern skylights can brighten and enliven any room interior with purely natural light. They can lower your electricity usage during the day since you will need to use artificial lighting only on dark or cloudy days. During hot, steamy weather, your open skylights and windows can admit fresh cooling breezes to your rooms as warm, stuffy rising air escapes through the skylights.

During the cold season, warm sunlight shining through your attractive roof windows will add welcome warmth to your rooms. This will also reduce your heating bills somewhat while adding to the appealing style and quality of your room decor. Your beautiful skylights will eliminate the dreary atmosphere that dark, cold days can bring. They will lend an uplifting, inviting sensibility to your fashionable room decor.

Three Major Ways Stunning Skylights Can Affect Your Mood and Overall Home Ambience

Three primary ways in which stunning windows to the sky can impact your mood and your entire home ambience include the following:

  1. Preventing Winter Doldrums. During the darker, cloudy days of the cold season, many people suffer from sadness or fatigue due to lack of light. Although it lights room interiors well, artificial lighting does not alleviate these conditions.

Even on cloudy days, skylights installed in the ceilings of your rooms will admit soft, soothing natural light into your home. You and your entire household will feel happier and more energetic living in this pleasing, inviting environment enhanced by healthy natural light.

  1. Soothing Summer Lethargy. The lazy, listless feeling that can prevail for many people on hot, humid summery days can be alleviated by gentle sun rays lighting your rooms through stunning skylights. Just entering one of your rooms that displays a beautiful skylight installation can raise your spirits and recharge your energy supply. Soft breezes through your skylight and windows will keep you alert, cool and comfortable.
  2. Regulating Ventilation. Whenever you open your beautiful windows to the sky, your room ventilation will be regulated by the healthy air entering your rooms from outdoors. As warm, unpleasant air rises to the ceilings of your rooms and exits, fresh appealing air will enter through your skylights and open windows.

This refreshing air will constantly circulate, regulating the thorough ventilation of your home’s interior spaces. You and all of the members of your household will enjoy your home life much more with these health-promoting ceiling windows installed in your rooms.

When you consult our experts at Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, you will receive top-rated information and advice concerning the benefits of installing beautiful skylights in the rooms of your home. Serving all of Melbourne and the surrounding regions, our experienced team is well prepared to explain how modern skylights can have positive effects on your mood and overall home ambience.

Our professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal roof windows to brighten your rooms and your moods throughout all seasons of the year. You and everyone in your household will appreciate the enhanced quality of your room interiors and home lifestyle.