Four Risks of Faulty Skylights Installation: How Do You Choose a Reliable Skylights Installer?

25 January 2022

There are multiple serious risks associated with faulty skylights installation. The first sign of an existing or developing problem with a skylight is often a water leak surrounding it. Yet […]

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Velux Roof Skylight Windows’ Basic Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

06 January 2022

The latest models in VELUX Opening Skylight Window designs offer a healthy alternative to standard mechanical ventilation known as the stack effect. The stack effect enables hot, stale air to […]

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Four Most Common Skylight Problems that Need to Be Addressed Immediately

16 December 2021

Skylights are wonderful additions to the rooms of your home, filling your living spaces with healthy, energising natural light. These stunning and vitalising windows to the sky also offer quality […]

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Three Ways on How Skylights Can Affect Your Mood and Overall Home Ambience

02 December 2021

Stunning modern skylights can brighten and enliven any room interior with purely natural light. They can lower your electricity usage during the day since you will need to use artificial […]

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The Advantages of Adding Skylights to Your Attic Conversion

18 November 2021

Adding skylights to your plans for an attic conversion can bring highly appealing levels of fashion and functionality to your new upper-floor room. The bright, clear natural light entering your […]

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