Velux Skylight Features and What Makes it Ideal for Melbourne Homes

07 June 2021

VELUX roof windows admit healthy daylight and fresh air into homes throughout Melbourne today. In a large metropolitan location like this bustling contemporary city, residents need these health benefits. When […]

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Bring Natural Light into Every Part of Your Melbourne Home with Stunning Skylights

24 May 2021

The most creative and healthy way to brighten and enhance your home interiors with pure, natural light is by installing beautiful modern skylights. These innovative roof windows can enable you […]

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Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Skylights During Reroofing

10 May 2021

If you have skylights in your home and are planning a reroofing project, you should be prepared to replace your skylights at the same time. In past years, most skylights […]

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Advantages of Adding Skylights for New Homes and When Doing a Home Renovation

28 April 2021

There are major advantages to including beautiful skylights in your plans for building a new home. If you have plans for renovating your current home, adding skylights to your room […]

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Understanding Skylight Condensation and How It Can Be Prevented

08 April 2021

The basic cause of skylight condensation is the converting of vapour into liquid. When air pockets are moisture-saturated, the moisture escapes as droplets of water. A poorly designed and installed […]

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