Velux Roof Skylight Windows’ Basic Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

06 January 2022

The latest models in VELUX Opening Skylight Window designs offer a healthy alternative to standard mechanical ventilation known as the stack effect. The stack effect enables hot, stale air to escape through the open skylight while vitalising fresh air enters your home interiors through open windows and doors.

During the cold months, your rooms will be warmed by bright sunlight shining through your skylights. Throughout the year, you will need very little artificial light in your home during the day in rooms that include stunning and practical skylight installations.

You may also select VELUX Fixed (non-opening) Skylight Windows for installation in your home interiors that currently have good ventilation. Energy-efficient professional design and the use of blinds can prevent exterior heat from entering your rooms through the double-glazed skylight glass.

Basic Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for VELUX Roof Skylight Windows

Your beautiful and efficient VELUX roof windows to the sky can be cleaned and maintained by using the following procedures:

• Maintaining Wood Surfaces. If your VELUX roof skylight windows have natural wood finishes, they were professionally treated and finished during production. You can clean them using general household cleaners suitable for wood.

If your ceiling windows are exposed to excessive heat, glaring sunlight or high humidity, they need to be re-treated every two years or less. If these skylights are well-protected from the elements, they can receive treatments every four years.

To perform basic DIY surface care on the skylights, remove the existing surface varnish or paint and apply new primer. When the primer is dry, add a layer of water-based acrylic varnish or paint. You can also use this process to repair damaged patches of the varnished or painted surfaces.

• Cleaning the Glass. Clean the glass of your skylight window using a clean, soft cloth that is lint-free. Use clear water and a non-abrasive, gentle cleaning agent. If you like, you can substitute chamois leather, a soft sponge or a window squeegee that contains no metal for the soft cloth.

If any ceiling or roof repairs are being made, protect the glass pane or dome of your skylight with plastic sheeting. This can prevent grime, debris or hardening compounds from adhering to the glass.

• Cleaning the Air Filter and Flashing. Before separating the skylight filter from the filter rail, rotate the window completely, securing it well in the position for cleaning. Then remove the filter and clean it with water and a moderate-strength detergent.

At least once every year, clean leaves, twigs and debris from the flashing surrounding the skylight. This helps rain and melting snow to drain away quickly and completely.

• Clearing Condensation. When water condenses on your roof window glazing, ventilate your room more frequently. If it is possible, keep the room temperature at 68 degrees F or higher.

By contacting our experts at Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne, you can obtain basic cleaning and maintenance guidance for your beautiful VELUX Roof Skylight Windows. Our experienced team will ensure that you have full information and advice concerning the best ways to clean and maintain your attractive and practical windows to the sky.

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