Four Most Common Skylight Problems that Need to Be Addressed Immediately

16 December 2021

Skylights are wonderful additions to the rooms of your home, filling your living spaces with healthy, energising natural light. These stunning and vitalising windows to the sky also offer quality ventilation for your home while providing significant cost savings on your heating and cooling expenses. Skylights can also make a small room with low ceilings look and feel larger, taller and more open for your enjoyment.

Yet there are multiple major problems that are common occurrences affecting some home skylight installations. For this reason, some architects, builders and contractors advise homeowners against installing skylights due to the problems that may ensue. Although these problems can be addressed and corrected, unless they are resolved soon after they are detected, these issues may be quite costly to repair.

Four Major Skylight Problems that Need Immediate Repairs

Four of the most commonly occurring major problems that can develop concerning skylights that need immediate repairs include the following:

  1. Condensation Issues. In many instances, advanced technology in skylight design has eliminated problems with condensation and water leakage. Yet if you have inferior skylight installations, you may have some water accumulation and leaking issues. To ensure that your roof windows are safely and securely installed by experts, hire professional technicians to secure your stylish and practical skylights in place.
  2. Lack of Insulation. If skylights are installed without enough insulation in the space between the frame of the skylight and the roof opening, damp air can escape from your room and leave moisture on the underside of the flashing. The resulting condensed water can then drip down into your room, creating a damp, clammy atmosphere. This dripping water may damage your furniture and decor. At the same time, it can cause mould, mildew and bacteria to develop.
  3. Ventilation Disruption. If your locale has harsh winter weather, large amounts of ice may form around your skylights when temperatures drop. In addition, if your skylights are not installed properly, ice will form more quickly, causing your roof windows to deteriorate. Unless adequate sealant and superior flashing were used when your skylight was installed, proper airflow through your ceiling window may also be disrupted.
  4. Excessive Light. Some homeowners who have skylights installed in the rooms of their homes complain of too much high-intensity lighting and glare from their roof windows. Since skylights are known to admit more than three times the amount of light that windows admit to a room, this can be a serious and ongoing problem. If you discuss the amount of light that you want to enter your room through the skylight with your technicians, they can determine the best skylight size and design for you before installing your new window to the sky.

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Our experienced team will ensure that your skylights are installed with utmost care and precision to prevent common problems from occurring. Our team will guide you in selecting the ideal skylight sizes and designs to greatly enhance your room interiors while eliminating the development of costly product and installation problems.

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