Advantages of Adding Skylights to Your Open Plan Living Space

30 September 2021

By adding attractive contemporary skylights to your open plan living space, you can often greatly enhance the style, beauty and comfort of your home’s interior. Since open plan living areas are typically larger than most living rooms or family rooms, they may lack sufficient natural lighting.

Most homeowners know the multiple health benefits of living spaces with plenty of light from outdoors. Expansive ceilings can also seem unattractive in an open living space with highly appealing interior design and decor.

Major Advantages of Installing Skylights in Your Open Plan Living Space

Important advantages of adding skylights to your open plan living areas include the following:

  • Admit Natural Light to the Entire Open Space. Even a large open living space that is poorly lit due to the placement of its windows can be transformed into a bright, inviting area by adding skylights. With these beautiful, highly functional roof windows installed, your entire large living area will come alive with bright, inviting natural light.

These skylights produce pleasingly balanced illumination that even the best-placed windows cannot provide. If you want the space darkened for viewing videos, movies or other content on wall-mounted screens, their advanced filtering shades ensure good lighting control as needed.

MIRO Tubular Skylights are ideal for adding healthy lighting to a large, dark interior. These fashionable and functional skylights can light an entirely open plan living area effectively and efficiently. This ceiling window design is based on a durable German aluminium anodised 89 per cent reflective light tube.

The roof flashing is laser-cut for seamless, precise fitting and secure sealing for a completely weather-proof installation. These advanced-design skylights offer superior lighting with a monocrystalline solar panel that is highly efficient and light-sensitive. They leave no carbon footprint, and they are virtually maintenance-free.

  • Lend Style and Glamour to a Plain Ceiling. Adding the latest designs in skylights to your open plan living space brings stylish charm and glamour to a bare, plain ceiling. Although a smooth white ceiling unadorned with any decorative effects can add a sense of calm serenity and sophistication to your large interior, it can appear bland in comparison to your overall room decor.

When you add outstanding architectural details like advanced SMART Solar LED Skylights to the ceiling, your large living area will be enlivened with equalised beams of revitalising pure light. In addition, the newly decorated ceiling will join the other attractive features of your room decor by radiating natural lighting to brighten the entire interior.

These highly appealing and effective roof windows are an ideal solution for enhancing lighting throughout a large interior space. They provide consistent northward-facing light that accurately imitates natural light.

These sophisticated skylight designs operate with an advanced-model monocrystalline solar panel that is light sensitive and highly efficient. They provide top levels of performance and a compact, contemporary design. As sustainable, unique ceiling window designs, they require no maintenance.

  • Enhance Airflow Through Your Large Interior. Even in homes with good ventilation, there can be a lack of adequate healthy airflow during hot, humid weather. Although air conditioning generally alleviates this problem, many homeowners have a growing desire to bring fresher, energising natural air into their large open plan living spaces.

Today, you can select contemporary skylight designs that are specifically structured to enhance the movement of outdoor air throughout your large living areas. By installing VELUX Roof Windows in your open plan home interior, you and your entire household can enjoy enhanced lighting plus superior natural ventilation.

Using the stack effect, these advanced skylights operate with the natural occurrence of warm air rising upward in an interior space. As warm, stale air escapes through your open skylights, refreshing cool air can enter the space through your open windows and doors. This ceiling window design offers an appealing and efficient alternative to common mechanical ventilation solutions.

By contacting our experts at Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, you can obtain top-rated advice, designs and full installation services for advanced-design skylights for your open plan living spaces.

Our experienced team serves clients throughout Melbourne and all surrounding regions. These professionals will work closely with you to ensure that you select the ideal new skylight models to greatly enhance the natural lighting and ventilation of your large interior living areas.

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