Maximise Attic Conversions with Beautifully Installed Skylights

25 October 2021

An attic conversion is both a stylish and practical renovation project for your home. For many homeowners, an attic makeover is the last item on their list of priority renovations. Since this upper floor space is used mainly for storage, any updates are usually delayed until the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, family room and other renovations are completed. Yet many attics have the potential to become charming extra bedrooms, home offices and art or music studios.

When planning an attic conversion, some homeowners are surprised that renovating this upper floor space can actually increase a home’s market value significantly. There are a few preliminary issues to consider. These pre-updating issues include the attic height, its available floor space and the strength of its structural support. Your local home builder and renovating team can evaluate your attic space to help you decide whether an attic makeover is advisable.

Plan the Ultimate Attic Conversion with Stunning Skylight Installations

Including beautiful skylight installations in your plans for the ultimate attic conversion can greatly enhance this upper floor space in the following ways:

  • Beautiful Natural Lighting. By installing stunning new skylight designs on the roof of your attic, you will set the entire room aglow with bright, refreshing daylight. Even a dark or irregularly shaped attic with cramped corners and slanted dormer ceilings will assume the appearance of a larger space. Your attic will feel much more open and inviting, whether you use it for work, study, creative pursuits or leisure relaxation.
  • Enhanced Attic Ventilation. By installing one or more VELUX Opening Skylights in your attic, you can benefit from improved ventilation year-round. Designed to include the stack effect, these skylights release rising warmer air from your room during the warm season when they are open. Your open windows can then admit more refreshing, cooler air into your updated attic. Even during colder weather, the hot, stuffy air can escape through your partially opened skylights, keeping the atmosphere fresh and healthy.
  • Lower Energy Bills. By using the bright yet non-glaring daylight in your renovated attic rather than artificial lighting, you will reduce your monthly energy bills. This will encourage you to use your attractive new attic interior even more. You will enjoy the benefits of having transformed your attic into a healthy, inviting upstairs room interior. At the same time, you will be aiding today’s ongoing cause to save the world’s natural resources.
  • Night Window to the Stars. With beautiful modern skylights on the roof of your attic, you will also have an amazing night window to the stars. You can relax in your newly renovated attic or entertain neighbours and friends while gazing at the sparkling starlit sky above.

By consulting our experts at Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, you can gain excellent advice, designs and full installation services for new attic skylights. With clients throughout Melbourne and all surrounding regions, our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting beautiful, practical and durable skylight designs. They will ensure that your new windows to the sky will completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.

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