Unique Skylight Placement Ideas for Your Melbourne Home

14 October 2021

If you are considering installing skylights in your Melbourne home, you are most likely in the process of deciding the ideal placement for your stunning new roof windows. The right placement of your beautiful windows to the sky can brighten and enliven even the darkest room in your home.

A small room with cramped corner spaces can seem much larger and more spacious with the addition of a beautiful modern skylight. Aside from adding stylish classic or casual elegance to your home interiors, skylights can provide significant cost savings on your heating, cooling, ventilating and lighting expenses throughout the year.

Unique and Innovative Skylight Placement in Your Melbourne Home

Stylish, unique and innovative skylight placement ideas for the rooms of your Melbourne home include the following:

• Best Placement for Natural Light. If you install your new skylight on a north-facing roof, you can benefit from a consistent amount of natural lighting all through the year. During the warm months and on steaming hot days, you can enjoy energising sunlight in your home interiors through your skylights.

At the same time, the cool breezes entering your rooms through your open skylights will keep your home interiors at a comfortable temperature. The skilful placement of your roof windows will shield your interiors from the glare and heat of direct beams of sunlight while brightening and enhancing your living spaces.

• Good Placement for Energy Savings. By installing a skylight facing south, you can save on your electric and heating bills. During the cold season, these south-facing roof windows offer the greatest potential for passive solar heat gain for your home. Although they may cause a slight accumulation of unwanted heat during warm weather, this can be overcome by opening your windows to create cross-ventilation in each room of your home.

• Creative Placement to Heighten Ceilings. If your home has some rooms or areas with vaulted ceilings, by installing skylights in these lofty ceilings, you can give them the attractive illusion of even greater height. Skylights in relatively low ceilings can add some visual height to your rooms as well while opening up your home to the natural beauty of the outdoor surroundings.

• Innovative Placement for Stunning Kitchen Decor. When you install the latest designs in stunning skylights in your kitchen ceiling, you may be amazed at the natural beauty of fresh morning sunlight highlighting the vibrant colours of your marble or granite benchtop and stylish timber cabinetry. Your glassware and china will sparkle and glow on the open shelving above your countertops, reflecting natural sunlight from above.

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