Telltale Signs that You Need to Replace Your Skylights

04 November 2021

Skylights are popular elements in home design, and having these attractive windows to the sky in the rooms of your home increases your property’s market value. In addition, they will help lower your energy bills significantly. On hot summer days, you can open your skylights to release rising stale, warm air while your open windows admit cooler, fresh breezes.

On freezing days during the cold months, your sparkling ceiling windows will admit warm beams of sunlight into your room interiors. Throughout the year, you can enjoy excellent, healthy ventilation through your skylights when the weather permits. Yet you need to be aware of telltale signs that your beautiful windows to the sky need replacing from everyday wear-and-tear over time.

Warning Signs that It Is Time to Replace Your Skylights

Telltale signs that you need to replace your skylights include the following:

  • Ceiling Staining. As your skylight ages, there may be some water leakage around its edges that cause stains on your ceiling. Even if no water drips from the skylight and your ceiling does not appear to be wet, these stains indicate that you need repairs, and most likely, new skylights.
  • Skylight Discolouration. As your ceiling windows age, they may begin to discolour. The normally clear glass may turn a slightly murky yellow or start to look cloudy. Although the structural frame and the flashing around the skylight may appear to be in good condition, it is time to replace your skylight to restore the room’s beauty and enjoy pure, clear daylight entering your home.
  • Roof Damage. If your roofing is older and showing signs of wear and damage, this will most likely affect your skylight as well. If the roof surrounding your skylight has cracks and experiences water leakage, your ceiling window is most likely being weakened by this excess water and moisture buildup. You should have the flashing around your skylight examined by experts right away and consider installing a new window to the sky after roof repairs or replacement.
  • Skylight Glass Cracks. Even small cracks in the lustrous glass of your stunning skylight are danger signs that you should heed. These cracks may have been caused by hail, icy snow, falling tree branches or wind-blown debris. Although they may look small and insignificant, small cracks can widen quickly, which may result in breakage and hazardous broken glass falling from your ceiling.
  • Condensation. If the inside of your skylight glass appears foggy and is wet to the touch, you should have your local ceiling window experts examine it. This condensation is usually a sign that the sealants securing your skylight installation are wearing out and losing effectiveness. Your experts can advise you about whether applying a new sealant will solve the problem or if it is time to replace your skylight.

When you consult our experts at Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, you will receive top-rated advice and services for your worn or damaged skylights. Our highly skilled and experienced team serves clients throughout Melbourne and the surrounding areas. They will examine your skylights and offer optimal quality services for the repair or replacement of your beautiful windows to the sky.

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