Four Risks of Faulty Skylights Installation: How Do You Choose a Reliable Skylights Installer?

25 January 2022

There are multiple serious risks associated with faulty skylights installation. The first sign of an existing or developing problem with a skylight is often a water leak surrounding it. Yet this leak may be caused by different aspects of the roof window’s installation. You should contact your local skylight and roofing professionals as soon as you detect a leak surrounding or nearby your skylight.

Four Primary Risks of Faulty Skylight Installation

Four major risks of careless or faulty skylight installation include the following:

1. Serious Water Damage to Your Home. Faulty skylight installations can cause major leaks and water damage to your home. These leaks can damage furniture, ruin carpets and upholstery, and eventually dull and warp your beautiful hardwood floors. Serious leaks that are not quickly resolved may cause electrical outages and weaken the walls of your home. Cracked and peeling wall and ceiling paint will most likely result as well.

2. Development of Damaging and Hazardous Mould. A poorly installed skylight may result in the development of mould and mildew on your home’s rafters and struts as well as on the roof truss. The truss may warp, weakening the support of your roofing while mould and mildew spread inside the walls of your rooms.

Both mould and mildew accumulations in your living environment can create health hazards, including serious respiratory problems. These hazards should be professionally eliminated from your home as soon as possible.

3. Damaged Flashing Around a Skylight. Poorly installed and damaged flashing around your skylights is a common cause of water leaks from your roof and ceilings. Flashing is a protective metal layer that is installed around skylights, chimneys and piping vents.

It is intended to keep water from leaking from your roof and into your home around these installations. If this flashing is poorly or incorrectly fitted during the installation process, you will most likely experience water leakage into your room interiors.

4. Partially Obstructed or Blocked Weep Holes. Top-quality modern skylights are designed to include very small weep holes around the exterior edges of the glass. These tiny holes enable the condensation of moisture that collects on the interior glass surfaces to escape into the outdoor air.

This prevents water from dripping into the rooms of your home. An inexperienced skylight installer may leave debris from the installation around your skylight, obstructing these weep holes. This can result in persistent water leaks in your room interiors.

How to Choose a Reliable Professional Skylight Installer

To ensure that you engage the services of a reliable and skilled professional skylight installer, contact a reputable local licensed roofing company. These experts can repair any current water leaks related to your faulty skylight installations.

They can also repair or replace a damaged skylight for you, eliminating any dangerous and unhealthy water leaks. They will correct a faulty skylight installation as well. Expert skylight installers caution against attempting any DIY repairs to your skylights, especially if their installation was poorly performed and faulty.

When you consult our experts at Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, you will obtain excellent information and advice concerning optimal-quality skylight installation services. Our experienced professionals serve clients throughout Melbourne and all surrounding areas.

They will provide the ultimate-quality repair and installation services to ensure that your home skylights are safe, secure and free of any water leaks. They will make certain that you have the full advantages of excellent skylight installations to support your ongoing healthy lifestyle and enjoyment.

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