The Advantages of Adding Skylights to Your Attic Conversion

18 November 2021

Adding skylights to your plans for an attic conversion can bring highly appealing levels of fashion and functionality to your new upper-floor room. The bright, clear natural light entering your new interior from above after the sunrise will add aesthetic beauty and warmth to the room. The fresh air entering your open window to the sky will also provide excellent healthy ventilation for your newly designed living space.

Major Advantages of Adding Skylights to Your Attic Conversion Plans

Primary benefits of including attractive skylights in your plans for an attic conversion include the following:

  • No Need for HVAC Installation. Your new attic conversion living space will not need any HVAC installation to maintain ideal air temperatures throughout the year. During the hot steamy months, this upper-floor room will stay pleasantly cool due to the fresh breezes entering your open skylight and windows.

At the same time, any accumulation of warm, stuffy air will rise upward, escaping through the skylight. The best roof window for providing this effect is the Velux Open Skylight design with its ventilating stack effect.

During the cold season, your well-sealed and insulated skylight installation will continue to brighten the room with soft, energising sunlight while preventing cold, blustery air from entering.

Even during cold weather, daytime sunlight streaming through your sparkling, glass-domed skylight will add cozy warmth to the entire room. Smart Solar LED Skylights providing consistent north-facing sunlight are ideal choices for preventing heat loss from your room during cold weather.

  • Enlarged Visual Space. With the addition of one or more skylights in your converted attic space, your new room will appear to be larger and more open. Even after adding the furniture and accessories of your choice, this new and appealing living space will still have a pleasing open-concept atmosphere.

With the addition of one or more attractive contemporary skylight designs, you and your entire household can enjoy basking in luxurious soft sunlight in your renovated attic space throughout the year.

  • Lower Energy Bills. With your new attic skylight installation keeping cold air out of your converted attic space when outdoor temperatures dip to low levels and cooling your room during hot, sweltering weather, your energy bills will be lower. This is an attractive practical advantage of including one or more skylights in your attic conversion plans.
  • Nighttime Star Gazing. With your newly installed skylights, your converted attic space will be a popular place for star gazing at night. Your entire household, family and friends will enjoy gathering in this attractive new living space to relax, visit and gaze at the starry sky above.

By consulting our experts at Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, you will receive excellent information and advice concerning the benefits of including skylights in your attic conversion plans. Serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, our experienced professionals are well-prepared to offer superior guidance for selecting the best skylight designs to brighten your new upper-floor room.

Your new windows to the sky will complement and enhance your entire interior conversion design while adding beauty and allure to this new home living space.

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