Knowing the Benefits and Drawbacks of Skylights Prior to Their Installation

12 January 2021

A lot of homeowners today are now incorporating skylights to their properties. Some of them have added these special openings to obtain natural lighting and clear outdoor view. Others, alternatively, […]

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Increasing Home Value with Attic Conversions and Skylights

14 December 2020

For years, the attic has been used in storing unused things, furniture pieces, and appliances. It has also been utilised for installing pieces of equipment necessary for the ventilation and […]

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Is Glazing Important for Skylights?

03 December 2020

One element that is often added to properties is the skylight. Skylights can be installed in any types of properties. From existing homes to new ones, skylights can easily offer […]

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Tubular Skylights Installation: Advantages for Your Melbourne Home

20 November 2020

While almost all lighting fixtures today are already designed to be energy-efficient, they still consume a decent amount of electrical energy. And with the continuous consumption of this type of […]

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Going Green with SMART Solar LED Skylights

06 November 2020

A skylight, in general, is a frame set with glass that is fitted in a roof or ceiling. The main purpose of this enhancement is to allow entry of daylight […]

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