Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Skylights During Reroofing

10 May 2021

If you have skylights in your home and are planning a reroofing project, you should be prepared to replace your skylights at the same time. In past years, most skylights […]

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Advantages of Adding Skylights for New Homes and When Doing a Home Renovation

28 April 2021

There are major advantages to including beautiful skylights in your plans for building a new home. If you have plans for renovating your current home, adding skylights to your room […]

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Understanding Skylight Condensation and How It Can Be Prevented

08 April 2021

The basic cause of skylight condensation is the converting of vapour into liquid. When air pockets are moisture-saturated, the moisture escapes as droplets of water. A poorly designed and installed […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Skylights in Melbourne

26 March 2021

If you are building a new home in the Melbourne area and want to include dazzling, top-quality skylights, you can obtain excellent advice from leading experts. Our experienced industry professionals […]

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Can Skylights Help in Reducing Electricity Bills?

11 March 2021

Installing skylights in your home can actually help reduce your electricity bills significantly. In fact, including these attractive ceiling windows in your home’s design is one of the most reliable […]

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