The Advantages of Skylights Over Indoor Pools and Spas

05 August 2021

The beauty and luxurious ambience of your indoor pool or spa can be stylishly enhanced by the installation of skylights. These stunning windows to the sky will admit vitalising sunlight into your pool or spa area during the day. At night, you, your family and friends can enjoy pool time and the ultimate relaxation while stargazing.

You will feel energised and healthy with improved ventilation when you open your advanced design skylights. If your pool area or spa is spacious, you will most likely want more than one attractive ceiling window installed. Even an indoor pool or spa with very basic design features will come alive with fashion and flair with stylish new skylights above.

Advantages of Installing Stunning Skylights above Your Indoor Pool or Spa

Major advantages of installing advanced-design skylights in the ceiling above your indoor pool or spa include the following:

  • VELUX Opening Skylights. These contemporary skylight designs offer an energy-saving alternative to typical mechanical ventilation systems. VELUX sky windows operate on the stack effect, based on the natural occurrence of the warmer air in a room rising toward the ceiling.

Your open VELUX skylight allows warm, oppressive air to exit your room interior. You can then let fresh, cooler air enter and enhance your pool or spa area through open windows and doors. This fashionable and healthy area for swimming, relaxing and enjoyment in your home will offer even greater beauty and allure with the addition of your stunning new skylights.

  • MIRO Tubular Skylights. These attractive and practical skylights are specifically designed for use in large, open areas of your home. They can be an ideal choice for installation in the roof above your indoor spa or pool.

This skylight design is centred on its powerful German-made aluminium anodised 98 percent reflective light tube. The roof flashing used in installing this skylight is laser cut for precision and customised to fit each roof design.

  • SMART Solar LED Skylights. This advanced skylight design is sustainable and maintenance-free. The light is comparable to northward-facing sunlight. In addition, your pool or spa area will have no heat gain in hot weather or loss of heating during the cold months.

This skylight design includes a monocrystalline solar panel that is light sensitive, offering high-efficiency lighting. It offers a compact design and leaves no carbon footprint with use. You can switch the controls on and off and operate other control options remotely.

When you consult our experts at Amazing Skylights in Tullamarine, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice concerning skylights to enhance your indoor pool or spa area. Our experienced team will guide you in selecting the ideal roof window designs and provide full installation services.

Our pros will help you choose skylight designs that best align with your specific preferences and needs. They will assist you in selecting models that complement and enhance your overall pool and spa space design and decor. Our team will ensure that your new skylights completely satisfy and even surpass your expectations and desires for stunning windows to the sky above your pool or spa.

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