Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea to Add Skylights to Your Garage

23 July 2021

When you add skylights to your garage, you are enhancing your home by adding fashion, functionality and greater market value. You may choose basic, simply designed roof windows or more upscale models with greater benefits.

By selecting skylights with double and triple-glazed glass that can withstand harsh, stormy weather, you can avoid future repair costs. These reinforced designs can also escape damage from falling tree branches and flying debris.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Install Skylights in Your Garage

Reasons why installing skylights in your garage is a good idea include the following:

  • Enjoy Natural Lighting. A garage lit by natural daylight and sun offers a brighter, more appealing environment for vacuuming or polishing your car. Since many home improvement projects take place in a garage corner workshop, the improved lighting will be an advantage.

Many older garages are lit by overhead bare, hanging light bulbs that may flicker on and off at times. Since most people undertake home improvement or garden updating projects during daylight hours, having one or more bright, airy skylights in the roof will benefit any project.

  • Conserve Energy. With one or several skylights on your garage roof, you will use less energy each month. Your electric bills will somewhat be reduced. Homeowners who spend many hours completing DIY home improvement projects in their garages may notice a significant drop in their utility bills.

Some people in mild climates also have home offices built-in spacious garage corners. These homeowners will also benefit from lower monthly electric bills due to the bright, cheerful natural lighting provided by their new skylight installations.

  • Promote Less Mildew Accumulation. Many garages are relatively dark and damp, making them ideal environments for mildew build-up. Sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant for toxins that develop in mildew. For this reason, garage skylights can help prevent mildew growth and unhealthy toxin accumulation on walls, pipes, flooring and stored items in your garage.
  • Gain Natural Health Benefits. As well as reducing mildew, toxins and allergens in your garage interior, the natural light and outdoor air that skylights admit lessen eye strain. Exposure to natural sunlight can also improve your body’s levels of Vitamin D, lower blood pressure counts and promote better moods.
  • Enhance Fashion and Flair. Skylights add pleasing fashion, style and character to any room or interior space of your home. Skylights also enhance your home property’s curb appeal and increase its market value.

Whether you choose a basic, streamlined opening skylight design or VELUX Opening Skylights for superior natural ventilation with the stack effect, you will enjoy improved natural lighting and air. You may also decide to install customised designer skylights in your garage.

For the best advice concerning new skylights for your garage, consult our experts at Amazing Skylights. Our company is the premier distributor, supplier, and installer of skylights throughout Melbourne and surrounding regions. Our experienced team of highly skilled professionals will ensure that you select the ideal stunning new skylight designs to greatly enhance your garage interior with pure, natural daylight and air.

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