Benefits of Adding Skylights to Your Bathroom

08 July 2021

Adding stunning skylights to your bathroom can transform the entire room decor. Even small baths with simple, basic fixtures and furnishings are greatly enhanced by the addition of enchanting windows to the sky. Installing stylish and practical skylight designs will also enlarge the room’s interior space visually.

You may select VELUX Opening skylights providing natural, energy-efficient stack-effect ventilation. This encourages the movement of warm, stuffy air upward and out through the skylight.

Another popular choice is the Miro Tubular skylight design that lights up dark spaces or large, open-plan areas of your home. This innovative triple-glazed ceiling window design includes a strong German anodised 98 percent reflective light tube and seamless roof flashing.

Yet another excellent option is SMART Solar LED skylights that are sustainable and maintenance-free. This unique skylight design mimics natural light conditions, operating with an optimal efficiency monocrystalline solar panel that is light sensitive.

Major Benefits of Installing Skylights in Your Bathroom

Primary benefits of adding innovative and beautiful skylights to your bathroom include the following:

  • Healthy, Cost-Effective Ventilation. Modern skylight designs offer health-promoting ventilation for your bath interior. Hot, moist air can rise and escape through your stylish and practical ceiling window.

Fresh, energising air from outdoors can enter the room through your skylight to refresh the entire room. This can prevent any mould or mildew build-up on the walls of your shower. It will also eliminate the need for an expensive mechanical ventilation system.

  • Natural Lighting. Your innovative new skylight design will also brighten your bathroom with beautiful and inspiring streams of natural light. Only during the night hours will you need to use artificial lighting in your bath. While saving on your monthly electric power bills, you will be basking in glorious natural sunlight throughout the day in your bath interior.
  • Water-Proof Installation. Your new skylight design will be installed with airtight flashing. For this reason, you will not need to worry about water leaks from your roof during storms. In addition, your experienced skylight installers will examine the surrounding roof areas carefully before installing your new roof window. If any roofing repairs are needed, they will advise you so that you can have these repairs made.

The double or triple-glazed glass of your unique new skylight designs is completely airtight to prevent any moisture or water leakage. Even during severe storms, your bath interior will be completely protected from any water leaks and damage. The skylight glass does not collect moisture on the inside, so you will not be bothered by any dripping water from your bathroom ceiling.

For excellent advice and the latest unique roof window designs, consult Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria. Our experienced professional team serves all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, supplying and installing innovative, healthy and beautiful skylight designs for our clients.

Our experts will guide you in selecting the ideal stunning styles to completely brighten and enhance your home bath interior. They will ensure that your outstanding new skylights completely satisfy and even surpass all of your expectations, desires, preferences and needs.

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