Advantages of Adding Skylights for New Homes and When Doing a Home Renovation

28 April 2021

There are major advantages to including beautiful skylights in your plans for building a new home. If you have plans for renovating your current home, adding skylights to your room interiors is an excellent and inspiring idea. Skylights bring healthy, natural light into your home every day while reducing your electric power bills each month.

Also, installing new roof windows in your home will increase the market value of your property. By selecting quality products from highly experienced skylight designers, suppliers and installers, you can ensure that these attractive home additions will require only routine maintenance.

You and your entire household can benefit from a lifetime of healthy, enjoyable home life under stunning, natural light. You can also relax in the evenings while you stargaze through your sparkling windows to the sky.

Important Advantages of Installing Skylights in Your New or Renovated Home

Stylish and practical advantages of installing modern skylights in your new house or updated home include the following:

  • Natural Air Ventilation. When you install VELUX Opening skylights in your home, you are choosing a valuable replacement for a mechanical ventilation system. This advanced ventilation method is a completely natural, energy-saving choice that uses the stack effect.

This effect is based on the fact that warm air moves upward, and the result is that this warm, stifling air can exit your rooms via your roof windows, or skylights. At the same time, cool and refreshing air can enter your home through open windows and doors.

  • Brighter Room Interiors. If you select Miro Tubular skylights for illuminating your new or renovated home interiors, your rooms will be significantly brighter. These triple-glazed skylights are designed to light spacious open-plan areas of your house.

These ceiling windows include a German aluminium anodised 98 percent light tube that is reflective and quite durable. Along with this optimal calibre light tube, this skylight installation uses seamless roof flashing that is customised and precision-cut. With this installation, you are guaranteed a completely weather-proof product.

  • Maintenance-Free Lighting. By installing SMART Solar LED skylights in your home, you can enjoy maintenance-free lighting without seasonal heat gain or loss. These skylight designs imitate natural light conditions and have no carbon footprint.

These advanced lighting systems operate with a light-sensitive monocrystalline solar panel that ensures high efficiency. These skylights provide excellent versatility for multi-level dwellings. With the use of these solar LED lighting systems, you have the capability of dimming or turning your skylights off and on remotely as desired.

  • Attic Conversions. By converting your attic into extra living or storage space, you can increase the spatial measurements of your home’s usable interior. When you also install one or more skylights in this converted attic room or open space, you can increase the financial and aesthetic value of your home impressively.

Experienced designers, artisans and tradesmen can also produce stunning and durable customised skylights to further enhance and brighten your new top-floor living spaces.

When you consult our natural lighting specialists at Amazing Skylights Melbourne, you will benefit from top-calibre advice. Our experienced professionals will answer all of your questions concerning roof window designs and features.

They will guide you in selecting the ideal skylights to provide the very best solutions to all of your natural lighting needs for your new house or existing home’s renovation.

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