Attic Conversion and Skylights: A Remarkable Idea for Homes

09 October 2020

Attics, which are mostly located on the top portion of a property, are intended to store different things and subsequently help control the temperatures of a property. They work like a catch basin for all things that have been either damaged or replaced by much newer things. The similarity of the attics to a catch basin extends with how these places retain the hot air from the lower floors or areas of the property.

While attics have been perceived as an inhospitable and unwelcoming environment, they can still be converted into something functional and sustainable. Most newer home designs have already modernised and modified the way attics look and even function. As a matter of fact, attics can now even be altered to be an extra room with great outdoor views thanks to the integration of skylights.

How attic conversions can utilise skylights?

Attics and skylights can now work together to form great home designs. As mentioned, attics are typically situated on the topmost part of home properties. And with this specific location, they are naturally exposed to natural lighting and other lovely natural elements. With the integration of skylights, the once enclosed, dark space of attics are now replaced with great natural lighting and beautiful outdoor scenery. Aside from natural lighting in the attic, the installation of skylights can also help regulate its temperatures.

Converting the attic into a bedroom or entertainment area is now possible thanks to skylights and other related enhancements. Depending on your preference, you might want to add an entertainment system on the attic or fill it with the most comfortable couch that you have at home. Alternatively, you can set up your attic to be a room where you can clearly see the sky at night, with stars twinkling while the moon is shining bright. Incorporating skylights and other types of windows can also be done so that the attic can fully enjoy the wonderful, unobstructed view of the surroundings.

Aside from converting them into a room or living area, attics can also be a place for hobbies, at-home entertainment area, and a sanctuary for kids.

What makes skylights beneficial for attics?

Skylights, especially those that are made from high-quality materials, can truly provide the needed natural lighting of the attic. However, they also boast other features that make them great for attics.

You see, aside from illuminating the attic, skylights can also allow solar heat or fresh air to enter, which are both great for saving energy. The ability of the skylights to be closed or opened at any given time makes them beneficial all year long. Additionally, skylights can significantly cut down energy consumption as they can easily provide the needed heat or coolness of the attic.

As for the overall appearance, skylights can provide an alternative space to a room since anyone on the attic can perceive the natural views. From trees to the stars, skylights can significantly make the place closer to the environment. And given all these benefits, the addition of skylights makes the whole property much valuable than ever before. If ever you intend to sell your property in the future, you can easily increase its resale value as long as everything is properly maintained.


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