Benefits of Natural Lighting and How Skylights Can Contribute to Your Overall Well-being

24 February 2021

The extent of our regular exposure to natural light can affect all areas of our health. Yet the majority of people around the world today spend large amounts of time indoors. Unless we find time to be outside in fresh air and sunshine frequently, our immune systems can weaken. Our energy levels and general heath can also suffer from being deprived of natural daylight. Even on cloudy days, we need to have direct exposure to daylight.

An ideal solution to this problem is installing skylights in homes, offices and school facilities. According to their placement, skylights can admit direct sunbeams or soft sunlight. On overcast days, they still brighten interior spaces with the pure glow of natural light.

Our team at Amazing Skylights Melbourne can guide you in selecting the ideal skylight designs to brighten your home or office. Your skylight’s beauty and natural illumination will also enliven your lifestyle, boosting your energy and vitality.

How Skylights Can Benefit Your Daily Life and Overall Health

Pure, natural light admitted to your home or business can benefit your life and health in the following ways:

• Physical Health.
Most people know that everyone needs regular doses of natural Vitamin D for maintaining good physical health. Yet it is difficult to ensure getting sufficient amounts of this health-promoting vitamin from your daily diet. Since sunlight is the major natural source of this vital nutrient, why not invest in skylight installations in your home or business? With these beautiful, light-providing designs in place, you, your family or co-workers can all get plenty of Vitamin D from pure, natural lighting.

Healthy levels of Vitamin D in your body act to reduce bone loss that normally occurs as we age. Daily doses may also help alleviate your risk of developing diabetes or heart disease. This healthy vitamin is also known to help strengthen eye health, minimising blurry vision and eye strain or annoying headaches.

• Mental Health. Regular exposure to natural light is also beneficial to your mental health. Some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder during the dark, dreary days and weeks of winter, feeling sad or depressed. Others experience a loss of energy and the initiative to be active when deprived of sunlight in dark, gloomy weather. Admitting more natural lighting into your daily indoor environment and consuming healthy doses of Vitamin D can enhance mental well-being.

• Lifestyle Habits.
Insufficient daylight exposure can also interfere with the daily habits of your life like sleeping and eating. You may find that spending time in an environment lacking good daylight may result in sleepless nights or interrupted sleep. Some people experience extreme tiredness without natural light exposure, requiring more hours of sleep than usual.

Without adequate daylight in your daily life, your eating habits may also change. Your favourite foods may seem tasteless or unappealing, and you may stop eating regular meals. You may find yourself snacking too much between meals or choosing unhealthy foods rather than a nutritious diet.

When you have sufficient amounts of health-promoting and energizing natural light in your everyday life, your health will improve. Both your mental and physical well-being will be strengthened and enhanced. You will also enjoy a more active, healthy and happy lifestyle.

Our experts can help you select the perfect contemporary skylight designs to brighten and enliven your home, office and lifestyle. After our professional installation of your stunning new skylights, you can experience the multiple outstanding benefits of daylight. When you are energized each day by exposure to pure, natural lighting, you can truly enjoy the ultimate healthy lifestyle.


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