Bring Natural Light into Every Part of Your Melbourne Home with Stunning Skylights

24 May 2021

The most creative and healthy way to brighten and enhance your home interiors with pure, natural light is by installing beautiful modern skylights. These innovative roof windows can enable you to awaken each morning under the soft glow of early sunlight.

You can enjoy every moment of your daily indoor home life surrounded by filtered streams of glorious sunbeams. At night, you can enjoy year-round stargazing through your choice of stunning new designs in these unique windows to the sky.

With the latest skylight models installed in various rooms of your home, you will enjoy natural health benefits while saving money on energy consumption. Your monthly power bills will be significantly lower since you need less interior lighting. Triple-glazed skylight designs also offer excellent insulation while providing you with revitalising natural light throughout all seasons of the year.

Brighten Your Entire Home with Stunning Skylight Innovations 

Fill every area of your home with bright, sparkling natural sunlight by installing stunning contemporary skylight designs like the following:

  • VELUX Roof Windows. With these advanced design skylights installed in your home, your living spaces will be enhanced by the lovely soft glow of direct yet filtered sunlight. As a healthy, refreshing alternative to standard mechanical ventilation, this ceiling window design makes use of the stack effect.

Encouraging warm air to flow upward in your rooms, it expels this stuffy air into the outdoors while pleasing cooler air is admitted through your open windows and doors. This design provides excellent room ventilation throughout the year except during harsh, cold and stormy weather. Most of these skylight models offer the extra insulation of double-glazing.

  • Mirror Tubular Skylights. These advanced roof window models are each equipped with a 98 percent reflective anodised light tube of aluminium. They are triple-glazed and have customised 100 percent laser-cut weatherproof flashings that are free of lead.

These specialised skylights offer top-performance natural lighting effects with contemporary soft lens diffusers and optional dimming. They are the perfect natural indoor lighting solution for homes with open plan living spaces and dark rooms or areas. Their high-impact domes are durable, providing stability during harsh, stormy weather.

  • SMART Solar LED Skylights. This skylight design is sustainable and maintenance-free. This innovative and versatile roof window style is ideal for multi-level houses or basement areas. It provides superior remote control of the lighting levels for day and nighttime hours.

Offering consistent northward facing sunlight, this sky window imitates natural lighting conditions. With this skylight design installed, the rooms of your home will experience no gain or loss of heat, according to the current season. This design is compact and high-performing without any carbon footprint. It includes an optimal efficiency monocrystalline solar panel that is light sensitive.

Amazing Skylights located in Tullamarine, Victoria, serves Melbourne and all surrounding regions. Our experts are available to provide you with advice, stunning designs and full installation services for new home skylights. Our team will ensure that you select the ideal beautiful roof windows to enhance your entire home interior with the latest advanced skylight models to create the bright, inviting living spaces of your dreams.


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