Can Skylights Help in Reducing Electricity Bills?

11 March 2021

Installing skylights in your home can actually help reduce your electricity bills significantly. In fact, including these attractive ceiling windows in your home’s design is one of the most reliable ways to contend with constantly increasing electricity costs. These stylish and healthy sources of natural light can even eliminate the need for artificial lighting during daytime hours.

Illuminating the rooms of your home with natural light offers many health benefits, including improved energy levels and mental well-being. People who have daily exposure to natural lighting while indoors generally experience fewer mood swings than individuals with home environments lit by artificial lights. Those living under skylights also typically deal better with unexpected challenges in daily life and accomplish more each day.

Skylights can also improve your home’s basic design aesthetics and increase its market value. They are eco-friendly installations since these attractive skylight windows reduce the energy consumption of your home throughout the year. When you consult our expert team at Amazing Skylights Melbourne, you can gain valuable advice and installation services for fire rated and double-glazed skylights. Our experienced professionals also offer maintenance, repairs and updates for your home’s existing skylights.

How Home Skylights Can Help Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Installing superior-quality skylights in your home can help reduce your electricity costs in the following ways:

• Advanced Dome Design and Fitting. By engaging the services of an innovative and experienced skylight supplier for installing new ceiling windows in your home, you can enjoy healthy and cost-efficient benefits. The rooms of your home can be lit by approximately 600 percent more natural light each day. Your professional skylight installers will use customised flashing that is designed to fit your roof perfectly. This ensures a visually attractive, highly durable and completely leak-proof installation.

• Innovative Tubes with Infrared Reduction. The best contemporary tubing for skylight installations uses built-in infrared reduction technology. This produces the highest levels of quality light performance while ensuring the greatest energy consumption efficiency. With this advanced technology in place, your home will receive less heat during the hot summer months. It will also lose less heat during the cold winter season.

With the use of this innovative technology, infrared wavelengths are reduced on your skylight’s first contact with sunlight. This prevents these wavelengths from entering the tube so that heat is dispersed before reaching your home’s interiors. The air-tight fitting and superb design of the skylight also prevent your home from losing heat during cold weather.

• Advanced Diffuser Design. When sunlight strikes the exterior dome of your skylight on the roof of your home, the light is transferred through a diffuser into your home’s interior. This diffuser is part of your skylight installation, and it spreads the light evenly through a room or living space. There are different diffuser styles available, and your skylight experts can help you select the ideal design for your home’s interior layout.

By choosing advanced design skylights for installation in your home, you and your family can enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle during all seasons of the year. Our team of skylight experts are well prepared to assist you in selecting the ideal skylight styles to complement and enhance all aspects of daily life in your home environment.


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