Going Green with SMART Solar LED Skylights

06 November 2020

A skylight, in general, is a frame set with glass that is fitted in a roof or ceiling. The main purpose of this enhancement is to allow entry of daylight into space where it is installed. Aside from natural lighting, a skylight can also provide ventilation and surrounding views to an area, providing other alternative purposes to a given room. And in case of dangers, this specific skylight can serve as a route for emergency egress.

Features of SMART Solar LED Skylights

One popular skylight that is being used in numerous home properties today is known as SMART Solar LED Skylights. This type of skylight has a wide array of features that makes it recommended for a lot of properties, no matter what type of design they have. Some of its features are as follows:

  • Enhanced Natural Lighting: One great feature of SMART Solar LED Skylights is that they can easily mimic natural light conditions. Most property owners want to maximise natural lighting from their surroundings, forcing them to opt for larger windows and other openings. With this type of skylight, property owners can easily obtain the benefits of having natural lighting, which includes significant improvement over the home occupants’ mood and the property’s ambiance.
  • Improved Temperatures: Another great advantage of SMART Solar LED Skylights is that they can significantly improve the overall temperature of the property as they can prevent heat from either entering or leaving a specific room or area. With these skylights, properties can expect the absence of heat gain or loss during summer or winter, respectively. Subsequently, property owners can save a lot of energy and its costs due to lower usage of temperature-regulating devices or appliances.
  • Boosted Overall Ventilation: SMART Solar LED Skylights can be versatile without losing its ability to let in fresh air or maintain proper ventilation. These skylights can help with cross ventilating rooms and areas that need to cool down. At times, these enhancements can even save families from inhaling the same corrupted air as skylights can naturally let in and provide fresh air around the property. The need to turn on air conditioning units can be reduced significantly.

Embracing a Sustainable Experience

Aside from regulating the lighting, temperatures, ventilation, and energy consumption of properties, SMART Solar LED Skylights can also help them become sustainable in the long run. These skylights are efficient enough to not only cut down energy consumption but also provide a more green and cleaner environment. The carbon footprint with these skylights is also cut significantly, allowing the property to contribute to the global goal of achieving sustainability. They are also maintenance-free, which cuts down the need to repair and discard them all the time.

Other sustainable features of SMART Solar LED Skylights include light-sensitive monocrystalline solar panels, high-performance compact design, and contemporary designer light fittings. They also have an option to be operated remotely, which allows their light to be turned on and off at any time of the day.

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