How to Properly Clean Velux Skylights

28 January 2021

Many property owners are now starting to add and integrate skylights on their properties due to the benefits that they bring. Since most skylights are located alongside the ceiling or roof, they can easily add natural light to rooms and spaces below them. Their location also allows them to let fresh air in and promote better ventilation on living spaces. Given that they provide adequate lighting and ventilation, the need to turn on multiple lights and cooling or heating devices can be minimised significantly.

One type of skylight that is preferred by many property owners is VELUX skylights. These skylights are made from durable materials that can provide all the benefits mentioned above. They can also withstand elements, allowing them to last for a long time. They do not even have to be maintained regularly due to their robust construction. They must, however, still be cleaned so that they can look clear and appealing.

The following steps can help you clean the VELUX skylights and retain their great appearance.

Inspect the Exterior Part

Before cleaning your VELUX skylights, you must inspect their exterior regularly for any build-up of debris and elements that cannot be removed by the rain naturally. Once you have spotted these elements, then you may want to proceed in cleaning the exterior first.

Look for a Sturdy Base

Once you have cleaned the exterior of your skylights, you can now proceed with their interior. Your safety must always be your priority, which is why you must choose a step stool or ladder that will not slide on the ground. Do not attempt standing on chairs or other furniture pieces as they may suddenly break in the middle of your cleaning activity, which can be too dangerous for you and others.

Create a Cleaning Solution

The optimal cleaning solution for the VELUX skylights is often comprised of warm water and a mild cleaning solution. You may want to fill two buckets with warm water before adding a mild cleaning solution, particularly a glass cleaning solution, to one of the buckets. Alternatively, you can mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, ¼ ammonia, and 7 cups of water as your skylight cleaning solution.

Spray the Windows

The cleaning activity can now commence after creating a cleaning solution. You can start by spraying the skylight windows with water and soap. Let the cleaning solution soak a little bit so that all debris and dust particles can loosen up.

Wipe the Loosen Elements

After a few minutes, you can now wipe the windows with a cloth. Dip the clean cloth on the warm bucket without any cleaning solution and use it to wipe the windows again. Doing this will remove all the leftover debris and cleaner that are left on the surface of the skylights. You can follow up with a squeegee so that all areas of the skylights will be free from loosened dirty elements.

Clean the Interior Frames

Aside from the windows, you must also clean the interior frames with a clean microfibre cloth. Cleaning them would prevent particles from infiltrating other parts of the skylights.

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