Is Glazing Important for Skylights?

03 December 2020

One element that is often added to properties is the skylight. Skylights can be installed in any types of properties. From existing homes to new ones, skylights can easily offer an additional source of natural light, substantial savings in power consumption, and improved overall ventilation. Even the overall appearance and aesthetics of home properties are enhanced through the integration of skylights.

There are important factors that must be considered when utilising skylights. For one, the installation of skylights should depend on the path or direction of the sun. Skylights that are facing south or west can easily obtain light from the sun. Alternatively, those that are facing north or east may not get the full intensity of sunlight. Aside from the sun’s path, the performance of skylights can only be maximised if they are equipped and matched with proper glazing option.

Importance of Good Glazing

Glazing, which is the plastic or glass part of the skylights, is important since it provides the needed features of skylights. Good glazing for the skylights can easily allow them to withstand the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. Skylights with suitable glazing can also resist the effects of rain, snow, sleet, hail, ice, and other forms of precipitation. Impact damages that are typically caused by strong wind and airborne debris can also be mitigated by skylights with good and high-quality glazing.

Choosing good glazing for your skylights does not only prevent them from obtaining damages, but it can also help in regulating the temperatures and air condition of the property. The overall value of the property and aesthetic appeal of specific rooms and areas are also enhanced through the integration of skylights with appropriate and suitable glazing. The service life of the skylights can also be prolonged if their glazing is made from durable materials.

Glazing Options for Skylights

To date, there are two main glazing options that are often integrated with skylights.

  • Plastic: Initially, skylights are solely integrated with plastic glazing. And with plastic skylights, they can be much more affordable than others. The use of plastic for glazing is also great for the skylights since it is lightweight and can come in different shapes and dimensions. However, plastic options tend to scratch and discolour more quickly. They likewise allow more UV rays to enter, which can be harmful to things and even those who are living in the property when they are exposed for too long.
  • Glass: Most skylights that are produced today are now made from glass. From tempered glass to laminated glass, almost all glass skylights can provide great appearance and much clearer view compared to the plastic ones. The use of glass can likewise allow skylights to avoid scratches and abrasions. They can also block off UV rays from entering rooms and areas of home properties. One drawback of using glass is it is naturally heavier than its plastic counterpart.

Choosing the best glazing option for your skylights is important due to reasons that have been previously stated. If you want to know more about skylights, feel free to contact us at Amazing Skylights Melbourne.


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