Knowing the Benefits and Drawbacks of Skylights Prior to Their Installation

12 January 2021

A lot of homeowners today are now incorporating skylights to their properties. Some of them have added these special openings to obtain natural lighting and clear outdoor view. Others, alternatively, would want to enhance the overall ventilation of a specific room. No matter what their reasons are, homeowners can truly maximise the features associated with these light-transmitting structure.

But before thinking of installing skylights to your property, you need to know first their associated benefits and drawbacks. Skylights can be truly helpful in providing natural light, great outdoor view, and regulated ventilation. However, they might have some qualities that might affect your whole property.

To help you decide, here are some benefits and drawbacks of skylights that you should consider.

Benefits of Skylights

  • Adds Natural Light: One of the most notable benefits of skylights is that they can easily provide additional natural lighting to any room or area. The extra lighting from outdoors is truly great for property owners who want to acquire more room lighting without spending too much electricity or energy. This specific benefit can be great if the skylights are positioned optimally.
  • Saves Energy: As mentioned, the lighting from outdoors can effectively brighten up a room without using too much energy. With skylights, the light fixtures in specific rooms and areas do not have to be turned on all the time anymore. And during specific seasons, skylights can help lessen the need to open heating or cooling systems due to their ventilation features.
  • Enhances Appeal: Another notable benefit of skylights is that they can greatly enhance the appeal of a property. Skylights come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, shapes, colours, and materials. They can likewise have different dimensions according to the manufacturers. With suitable skylights, a property can achieve high-calibre appearance, value, and functionality.

Drawbacks of Skylights

  • Allows Too Much Light: While the admission of natural light has been one of the most notable features of skylights, it can also be one of the most known drawbacks of the skylights. There will be instances where the light that comes from the skylights can already damage furniture pieces and other surfaces. Likewise, there are types of skylights that cannot truly filter harmful rays from the sun.
  • Risks of Overheating:Similar to too much lighting, skylights can also risk overheating a specific room or space when not regulated properly. Without effective climate control on the place, the chances of overheating it can be high. This specific drawback calls for proper climate control, which would requiresome more enhancements over the structure of the property.
  • Difficult to Maintain: The high elevation of skylights is intended to bring in light, heat, and others from the roof. While they do not truly need to be cleaned all the time, cleaning and maintenance of skylights can be difficult without using special tools. Moreover, it might be dangerous for some people who will be attempting to clean these skylights regularly.

To know more about other benefits and drawbacks of skylights, feel free to call us at Amazing Skylights Melbourne.


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