Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Skylights During Reroofing

10 May 2021

If you have skylights in your home and are planning a reroofing project, you should be prepared to replace your skylights at the same time. In past years, most skylights had acrylic or plastic domes. However, modern designs in these roof windows like VELUX models have dual-pane glass for quality energy efficiency.

Older styles in skylights also frequently develop leaks over time due to trapped condensation. They may also develop cracks in their fittings that interfere with the good insulation of your home’s interior. These weakened skylight installations typically admit extra heat during warm weather and cause your furnace to work overtime during the cold months.

More Reasons for Replacing Your Skylights When Reroofing Your Home

Additional important reasons for replacing your home’s skylights with new, improved ceiling window designs during a reroofing project include the following:

  1. Conserving Time and Money. When you have older skylights in your home, they will wear well if they are quality designs. Yet even high-calibre older models will most likely develop problems at some time.

Even the best roofing installers cannot prevent your existing skylights from loosening somewhat during the roofing work. For this reason, it makes good sense to replace your roof windows with new, updated designs during your roofing update. Doing so will save you time and extra expenses in the future.

  1. Opening Your Home to Daylight and Fresh Air. The latest models in skylights offer state-of-the-art features and functionality. For example, the new VELUX solar-powered designs offer remote control. With the simple tap of a touchscreen, you can adjust the blinds of your skylight to the desired position.

Having this extra control will enable you to enjoy fresh air and daylight throughout the rooms of your home. You can adjust the light to the exact amount you want to enter your living spaces without exerting extra effort.

  1. Regulating Sunlight Glare and Enhancing Decor. The latest contemporary skylight designs have optional blinds for diffusing light and darkening your rooms. This excellent lighting control capability enables you to make full use of many rooms in your home that get strong, direct and glaring sunlight. These blinds are available in delightful colours and designs to enhance your rooms with creative ceiling decor.
  2. Increasing the Value of Your Home. When you replace your existing skylights with new, updated designs during a reroofing project, you will increase the market value of your home. Many home buyers are attracted to houses that are equipped with these healthy and charming roof windows.

They often favour homes that currently have skylights installed over other houses. In addition, most home seekers will gladly pay more to acquire a home with fashionable and practical ceiling windows. Many home buyers desire a health-promoting home life today, and skylights are the perfect design feature for enjoying a quality lifestyle.

When you consult our experts at Amazing Skylights serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you will benefit from excellent advice concerning the latest models in skylights. Our experienced team of skylight distributors, suppliers and installers will guide you in selecting the ideal new designs in beautiful, healthy and practical windows to the sky for your home.

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