Reduce Your Electricity Bill By Installing the Perfect Skylights for Your Melbourne Home

24 June 2021

By installing innovative new skylight designs in your home, you can reduce your monthly electricity bills significantly. Throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas today, increasing numbers of home and business owners are adding sophisticated skylight designs to enhance their interiors spaces.

With these stunning new roof windows in place, they can enjoy the many benefits of natural lighting in their homes and business settings. They can also enjoy the cost-savings of lower electricity bills while basking in the beauty and warmth offered by unique skylight designs.

Especially if you have some darker rooms or areas in your home that need brightening, the latest models in skylights can provide an ideal solution. Not only will your room interiors be lighter and more appealing with new skylights installed, but they will also be healthier. By admitting pure, bright sunlight into your rooms, your new roof windows can create a charming, inviting and health-promoting living environment.

Install Beautiful Skylights and Enjoy Healthy Air, Sunlight and Lower Electricity Bills

The following new and innovative skylight designs can fill your home or offices with healthy air and sunlight while reducing your monthly electricity bills:

  • Smart Solar LED Skylights. These contemporary skylight designs are ideal solutions for adding more light to your home or office rooms. These ceiling windows are sustainable and maintenance-free, and they can regulate lighting levels in your home during the day and night hours. They offer convenient versatility for multi-level homes and are consistent with northward facing sunlight.

These skylights can significantly reduce heat gain or loss during seasonal weather and temperatures. They offer highly effective results with the use of light-sensitive monocrystalline solar panels. This top-performing compact skylight design has no carbon footprint.

  • Miro Tubular Skylights. This modern skylight design will brighten any dark room as well as large open-plan areas in your home. This model has a sturdy German aluminium anodised 98 percent reflective light tube. It is installed with seamless roof flashing that is laser cut for precision and customised to align with each roof design.

These skylights are completely weatherproof and offer long-lasting use. This roof window design has triple glazing and a high-impact dome. It includes updated soft lens diffusers and an optional dimming effect.

  • VELUX Roof Windows. You can transform all of your home rooms into extraordinary interiors with the installation of VELUX Roof Windows. These opening skylights use the stack effect to provide you with a natural alternative to standard mechanical ventilation systems.

By using the natural occurrence of warm air moving upward toward the ceiling, these windows in your roof enable hot, unpleasant air to escape from your rooms. Cool, refreshing air can then enter your home through open windows and doors. This unique ventilating option is both energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Amazing Skylights is located in Tullamarine, Victoria, and serves all of Melbourne and surrounding regions. By contacting our team of professionals, you can receive top-quality advice for installing unique new skylight designs in your home. Our experienced team will ensure that you select the ideal skylight styles to significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills while adding enhanced brightness and warmth to your home.

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