Tubular Skylights Installation: Advantages for Your Melbourne Home

20 November 2020

While almost all lighting fixtures today are already designed to be energy-efficient, they still consume a decent amount of electrical energy. And with the continuous consumption of this type of energy, their primary fuel sources continue to lessen and diminish over time. The continuous processing of these fuel sources also pave way for the emission of harmful elements to the atmosphere.

To eradicate the harmful effects of using electric-reliant lighting fixtures, a lot of lighting companies now shift towards the use of tubular skylights. Through their highly reflective tubes, these products can easily capture the sunrays and subsequently transfer the light indoors. Given their small form factor and flexible design, tubular skylights can easily provide enough lighting to different types of rooms and areas, even those that cannot be reached by the conventional lighting fixtures and components.

If you want to know more about tubular skylights, then here are some advantages that you can get once you buy and install them in your home.

Easier Installation Process

Tubular skylights can be advantageous for your home as they can be installed easily. Tubular skylights do not require complicated installation processes just to make them work. All they require are some drywall work and roof cutting. And when you opt for tubular skylights, you do not have to wait for too long as they can already be installed after a couple of hours. Given the simplicity of their installation, the overall costs of their installation are generally lower compared to others.

Lower Energy Consumption

As previously stated, tubular skylights basically get their light source from the sun. And since solar power is renewable, then it means that the tubular skylights can operate for a long time without incurring expensive energy costs. With the continuous use of these skylights, you can easily obtain around 50 to 60% of energy savings compared to using electrical-powered light bulbs and components. You can expect your overall energy consumption and bills to decrease significantly.

Better Light Production

Another great advantage of tubular skylights is that they can produce more light than traditional lighting fixtures. Tubular skylights are known to maximise the features of special transparent domes in transmitting light to properties. Even if the angle of the sun is already low, these domes can still capture enough sunlight just to power up the tubular skylights. This ability alone makes tubular skylights more efficient and practical compared to traditional lighting fixtures and older models of skylights.

More Thermally Insulated

One concern over traditional skylights is that they cannot insulate thermal elements efficiently. Through the conventional skylights, they easily let almost all the heat from the sun to enter the premises of a home. But with tubular skylights, they can easily regulate the amount of heat that gets in or out of the property. During colder days, these skylights can effectively prevent heat loss. And as for hotter days, the same skylights can effectively prevent extreme heat from entering your home.

Given the advantages of tubular skylights, it is safe to say that they can actually make your home more efficient when it comes to energy consumption, heat generation, and many more. To have your own tubular skylights, feel free to call us at Amazing Skylights.


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