Velux Skylight Features and What Makes it Ideal for Melbourne Homes

07 June 2021

VELUX roof windows admit healthy daylight and fresh air into homes throughout Melbourne today. In a large metropolitan location like this bustling contemporary city, residents need these health benefits.

When they can sleep, arise and spend daily time in a home atmosphere that is constantly refreshed with outdoor air and light, they feel energetic, alert and well. Daylight has shown to have health-promoting effects on people who use it to brighten their homes. Everyone knows the overall benefits of breathing fresh air with high levels of oxygen.

VELUX Skylight Features and Healthy Benefits for Melbourne Homes

Healthy advanced features of VELUX skylights, when installed in Melbourne homes, include the following:

  • Interior Wood Frame and Sash Painted White. The light-coloured frame and sash do not attract or hold heat during hot sunny days. They have a bright, cool look and promote a cooler breeze entering your home through your fashionable and functional roof window.
  • Outer Grey Aluminium Cappings. Aluminium is durable and can withstand harsh, stormy weather. Modern cappings made of aluminium resist rusting and corroding and will last for long-term use. They will stay securely in place to ensure the safety of your skylight installation.
  • Flashings Suitable for Corrugated Iron or Tile Roofs. Whether your home has a tile or corrugated iron roof, these flashings will fit tightly to prevent any water leakage from cracks or gaps in your skylight installation. They will protect your roofing and ceiling from serious or even slight water leaks during rain showers or snowstorms.
  • High Performance or Comfort Double-Glazed Skylights for Most Designs. These advanced-design skylights prevent cold or hot seasonal air and leaking water from entering your home. Double-glazed skylights also offer protection against breaking roof windows from falling tree branches or wind-blown debris during blustery storms.
  • Smooth, Low Profile Skylight for Lower Seating in the Roof. This well-designed roof window does not obstruct the roofline. It ensures the aesthetic beauty of your original roof structure. The lower seating of your VELUX skylight also lends added protection to your ceiling window during heavy rainstorms and other harsh, blustery weather.
  • Skylights Available in Eight Different Sizes. The advanced VELUX skylight models are available in eight different sizes to accommodate the size, shape and style of your home’s roof and your preference for natural lighting design.

Superior Natural Room Ventilation with the Stack Effect

When you choose a VELUX Opening Skylight for installation on the roof of your home, you will gain multiple health benefits. You will enjoy a new natural way of receiving energizing natural light into your daily home life. In addition, you will have access to an alternate method of ventilation to the older mechanical types. Your new VELUX skylight installation uses the stack effect, which is the natural process of warm air rising upward. This stuffy, stifling air will escape through the skylight as it is replaced by refreshing cool air from your open windows and doors.

If you select a VELUX Fixed (non-opening) Skylight for your home installation, you will have a new, cost-efficient way of filling your room with natural light. This is a good choice for homes that currently have good ventilation. With the use of energy-saving glazing and quality blinds, you can help prevent heat from entering your home’s interior.

By consulting our experts at Amazing Skylights serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you can gain valuable information and advice concerning advanced-design VELUX Skylights and their innovative features. Our excellent team will guide you in selecting the ideal size, shape and style in these modern roof windows to greatly brighten, enliven and enhance the interior spaces of your home.


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